Can the big five please stop being so damn big? Thanks

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Georgia Iacovou

15 Mar 2019

When three become one, privacy becomes… none.

This week has been mostly about how Mark Zuckerberg wants to merge together all three of his ‘let’s have a private conversation now’ apps. So that’s Facebook Messenger, Instagram messenger, and Whatsapp. He says this is all in the name of privacy and took about 3200 words to explain it “very clearly” in his blog. I mean I think this will just work because a) Facebook have really managed to cultivate trusting relationship with their users, and b) merging those three things just like, sorta makes sense you know? Yes, except points a) and b) are both very, very untrue…

whatsapp facebook and instagram messenger merging

Big tech: abort, abort, abort

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wants to break up the big five (or six if you include Apple). Great idea but this is like breaking up, I don’t know… Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It would benefit everyone but just how do we do it? Warren wasn’t great on the details but this seems to be a cross-party issue because Ted Cruz actually agrees with her

Tech heads: be more human. Humanists: be more tech.

21 top universities in the US have joined forces to make the Public Interest Technology University Network. This initiative will unite students of computer science and social science to help us use tech for good, not evil (interesting idea, never heard of it before). It’s like they all turned around and said:

“Ah yes, software engineers and other technologists don’t seem to know much about the socio-political landscape, even though they are doing a lot to shape it. Lawyers seem to know nothing about tech, yet tech keeps like, breaking the law. Why don’t we fix that?”

Face to face at the airport

So the US government are finally giving up and just saying, “how can we be more scary?” US Customs and Border Protection are ruthlessly rushing into implementing their fancy shiny new “biometric entry-exit system”. Key parts to this:

Peppa Pig, but without the ads

Parents in the US may finally have more control over their children’s internet privacy with this new bill. Currently if your under 13, companies aren’t allowed to collect data about you without explicit consent from your guardian. These senators want to extend that to 15. They also want to make it so you can literally delete any data about your child, with great ease. Cool idea, can we have it for adults too?

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