This isn't fair, Dragonflies were just meant to be pretty

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Georgia Iacovou

29 Mar 2019

An Apple, but metal and shaped like a credit card

Apple have just announced the release of a bunch of new products, but most interesting of which is the Apple Card. It’s a credit card, made of metal, that shows ONLY your name. What future magic is this? How can it have no information on it besides your name? Let me clear this up, in Apple’s announcement of the card, the fourth word they used was ‘Transparency’. The fifth word they used was ‘Privacy’. I’m trying to find flaws, but it feels like they’re actually trying. Let me break this down:

Hash tag security, guys.

Black Mirror, but without Netflix (because it’s real life)

A kickstarter campaign has just begun for PreShow - an app where you watch 15-20 minutes of ads to get free film tickets. Seems pretty okay but they’ve implemented software that can track your gaze, and therefore the ads will pause when you look away from your phone. Excellent. The good and the bad:

✅ If you can’t normally afford cinema tickets, this could be great

❌ They might charge for the app so it will be like paying to watching ads?

✅ People could find ingenious ways of getting around the gaze-tracking thing.

❌ But really… gaze-tracking software only sounds like a bad thing

✅ The data they collect will all be anonymised

❌ Do not underestimate the power of anonymised data - that can still be used to infer things about you as a user of the app depending on what movies you saw and liked, and what your eyes are doing during certain ads, etc. Ultimately this could be very invasive, but as usual it depends what they decide to do with the data

dragonflies same name as Google's China operation

Google, but in China

Okay so this is what happened with the whole Google being in China thing:

So, Dragonfly does exist, and Google aren’t worried about censorship anymore. In fact, they’re embracing it (because they want the Chinese government to like them) and they are enabling surveillance on searches, which just sounds fantastic.

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