Data Ethics: the unsexiest cult ever?

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Richard Vibert

09 Apr 2019

Every day we see a new story about how Google or Facebook or some hotel we stayed in once 10 years ago misusing/misplacing our data.

It’s not because they’re all evil (mostly), it’s because it’s a hard problem to solve. Really hard.

The internet has been built for almost three decades without data privacy in mind. In fact - quite the opposite - tech was built to ingest, retain and share data as easily as possible. This has led to the internet being a bottomless pit… once personal data gets into the hands of one bad actor, who knows where it’s going to go after that?

It’s no surprise that online companies find data privacy difficult. How can any company say to its users “we respect your data” when they have tens or even hundreds of third parties handling their customers’ data on their behalf?

As a result, trust in the online world is at an all time low - limiting the potential power of the internet.

This is why we’re building Company. To change this.

Company helps companies protect its users’ data by finding & fixing non-compliance in their data network. We’re here on a mission to turn “data privacy” into an opportunity. Turn it from boring, costly and burdensome into refreshing, joyful and modern.

We’re moving into a data ethical world that will forge new levels of online trust and accelerate innovation, growth and success for any company that wants to be part of it.

Come join us on our mission!

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Richard Vibert

Cofounder & CEO