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Richard Vibert & Ben van Enckevort

10 Apr 2019

Our mission is to create transparent and trustworthy online experiences.

Company is the best way for websites and mobile apps to meet modern data privacy standards. Forward thinking businesses use Company to comply with privacy regulations and to give their users a modern, transparent and trustworthy online experience.

How are we going to do this? By creating a set of tools for developers that are easy to implement, and easy for your customers to understand. Company can be broken down into these three key components:

1. Privacy-by-design

Complying with privacy regulations isn’t easy. The vast majority of companies want to be data ethical, and we give these companies the tools to comply with global privacy regulations and be transparent with their users.

2. UX done right

Privacy isn’t just a tick-the-box exercise. It’s a new dimension to the user experience of the internet. We’ve prioritised design because we believe it can reforge trust with users through transparency and control of data.

3. Developers first

Layering new software onto an already non-compliant stack isn’t going to solve the problem. We’re developers, designers and designers and we built technology that directly integrates with your code to solve the problem at the root.

Culture and Values

I hope you’re getting a good grasp of what we’re about. There’s no reason why being transparent with users shouldn’t be this easy. And, think about it this way: if all online businesses operated this way, just imagine how different the internet could be. No more gross cookie banners that you don’t trust and no more privacy policies that don’t make sense. And it doesn’t stop there (that would be boring), these are the core values that we stick to in order to maintain our culture:

  1. 🤝 Be ethical Data ethics runs through the veins of our business. We ardently believe that the way the internet uses individual’s data is unethical and needs to change. The only way we can do this is practising what we preach. We like to think of ourselves as good people on a good mission.
  2. 💙 Prioritise camaraderie. Independently, humans are pretty useless. The ability to communicate in groups is what makes us top of the food chain. This is what teamwork means. We are always training each other and learning how we operate most effectively together. This starts with trust and friendship. Without these, we will never achieve true teamwork.
  3. 🐙 Be different. If we were just the same as everyone else, then others would have already done what we’re doing. We analyse everything we do and question whether there’s an alternative that can provide more value to our customers or increase our own productivity. We seek and thrive on those “but why do we have to do it like that; why can’t it be like this?” moments.
  4. ⚡️ Optimise your productivity. Saying you worked 8am-10pm for 4 weeks straight means shit. The amount you get done is a function of two variables: time and productivity. And the latter is far more important. It’s about optimising your routine and your surroundings to supercharge your productivity. This is an ongoing quest which you must always be conscious of on a daily basis - the rewards can be massive for both you as an individual but also for the team.
  5. 🎨 Explore your creativity. “Outside the box” isn’t far enough for us. We enjoy thinking about crazy, weird, and bold ideas and testing the world’s appetite for them. We believe that the imagination shouldn’t be muted - it’s one of our greatest assets that should be let free.
  6. 👐 Default to honesty. Sometimes it can feel like avoiding or bending the truth can provide an easy cure to bad situations, or add an extra dose of happiness to the good ones. But in the long-term, this only ends in a hangover for you or the entire team. Being honest and humble at all times allows us to operate on a canvas where we know all the assumptions and obstacles in our way to achieving our long term goals. Not being honest and humble blindfolds the organisation.
  7. 🙃 Find your positivity. This doesn’t mean ignoring or trying to put a positive spin on bad things that happen (because inevitably they’re going to). It means letting your inherent excitement for the mission reign above those not-so-fun moments. We should be happy to be spending our time creating a dent in the history of the internet. Positivity, even if it can be difficult to push through, can have wonderful effects on not just yourself, but everyone around you also.
  8. 🤓 Always be learning. Because why else are we here? It’s not just about learning new facts (e.g. all teas come from the same plant ← :0 !!!!) but learning about ourselves: what are we good at; what are we not so good at; what motivates us; at what time of the day are we most productive; what’s the best way to communicate with a customer; how can we return Ben’s table tennis serve; etc. Our company is the single best place to always feel like you’re progressing.

This Blog

Over time, this blog will evolve, and will hopefully be different things to different people. On the one hand it’s a knowledge base for anyone who needs to find out how to be GDPR compliant. On the other hand, it’s a platform that we at Company are using to explore and showcase our ideas within data ethics. Either way, we hope it’s useful and interesting to you.

Welcome to Company.

Rich & Ben

the author

Richard Vibert & Ben van Enckevort