The Cookie Widget now notifies users of your changes

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Georgia Iacovou

18 Mar 2020

If you update or add Micropolicies, your website visitors will be seamlessly notified 🎊

What’s different here? As you can see from the above, any new Micropolicies will show a green ‘new’ and any existing Micropolicies that you’ve made changes to will show ‘updated’ in orange.

How it works:

  1. Once you publish any changes to Micropolicies in the dashboard, your Cookie Widget will reappear for any returning visitors to show them what’s changed.
  2. Anything they have opted out of will remain opted out
  3. Your users may choose to

    a) accept the changes, which will automatically opt them into new Micropolicies,

    b) or review the changes, which will let them choose to opt in or out of the new / update micropolicies.

  4. All of this is automatic — you can make as many changes as you like without having to worry about how to tell your recurring site visitors 😎
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