The best privacy tools for developers 2020

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Georgia Iacovou

29 Oct 2019

2019 has seen some interesting — and scary — developments in data privacy. Here are some tools to help you navigate this.

Sometimes it feels like the only way is to collect absolutely every single data point you can and a user. However, we want to show that there are amazing, ethical alternative tools that you should be considering going into 2020.

Humane by Design

What this does: Not so much a tool, as a set of principles to stick to when building things. If you’re ever struggling with alternative ideas for current design standards (which are designed to turn the internet into an addictive casino) this is a great resource.

🤠 Pros:

😬 Cons: This is not so much a concrete solution as it is a set of principles that you have to implement yourself — more of a resource than a tool.


What this does: it’s a customer live-chat solution by Squarecat who make a bunch of other great tools. They used Telegram to make this, so you already know how private and secure it is.

🤠 Pros:

😬 Cons: you need to get a Telegram account for this to work, of course. Might be a tad annoying to get yet another chat app. Also, Telegram is free and without ads now, but there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

Host Yo Self

What this does: let’s you self-host from anything… your browser, your phone, your watch, your smart kettle. You can host a site or share a file instantly from your browser.

🤠 Pros:

😬 Cons: of course, it all disappears once you turn off your machine. This is more of a quick and easy way to do daily tasks, not a solid way of actually hosting a website.


What this does: Yes that’s right, we shopped around and realised that we have the best cookie consent management tool out there — it will block scripts before they load and therefore give your users true control over the flow of data as they browse.

🤠 Pros:

😬 Cons: we don’t have any of these, silly…

What this does: based on what persona you choose, it will open about a hundred tabs relating to that to completely change your browsing history and therefore screw up your ad profile.

🤠 Pros:

😬 Cons: will temporarily eat up a lot of RAM because… you’re opening a hundred tabs.

👋 Thank you for reading — navigating the world of digital products ethically is tough enough as it is. Hopefully using tools like the ones listed here is a good first step in changing the way you make things.

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